78 Squadron

Kittyhawk Fighters RAAF WWII


Recent Sad Passing of 78 Squadron's original member William L.Burns .Lenny Burns was great mate of the Squadron members and one who help form the 78 Squadron Association with Pilot Cliffy Smith .

Lenny was also a wonderful contributor to make "This Smuttee Squadron "by Gordon Clarke

78 Squadron also would like to Salute Harry Kerr who was formerly the Hon secretary of the 78 Squadron Association.

Besides being a leading Pilot for 78 Squadron, Harry was the last remaining pilot from the Milne Bay encounter with 75 Squadron and 76 Squadron before he joined 78 Squadron.He led the Anzac Day Marches for 78 Squadron for many years and at the Fighter Squadrons Branch luncheon after the Anzac Day march, adresses all and recited the "Ode".



























Harry A Kerr


Wiiliam L Burns